Massimiliano Maddalena

Human Glitch N1

_DSC2902 copia 2 dinA ratio theartling
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"Human Glitch" is not just a photograph, it's a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of human interaction with our built environment. This photograph is a stunning representation of the abstract patterns that can be found in everyday structures, creating a thought-provoking and mesmerizing piece of art. The composition of the image is juxtaponing of the rigid concrete structure at the fluid human figure, creating a striking contrast that is sure to captivate anyone who views it.
With its flat colors and dinamic pattern created by the balconies shapes and empty spaces (full of shade). "Human Glitch" is the perfect addition to any art collection or place. This photograph is a conversation starter, an intriguing and thought-provoking piece that is sure to elicit questions and wonder from all who see it. Whether you're an art collector, an architecture enthusiast, or simply appreciate beautiful and meaningful photography, "Human Glitch" is a must-have for your collection. This is your chance to own a unique piece of art that will inspire you every day and capture the essence of human interaction with our built environment.
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